Jul 08

Hotw to tunnel by ssh from local server to remote One.

Taken From : http://www.revsys.com/writings/quicktips/ssh-tunnel.html

ssh -f user@personal-server.com -L 2000:personal-server.com:25 -N

(working example ssh -f root@ -L -N)
The -f tells ssh to go into the background just before it executes the command. This is followed by the username and server you are logging into. The -L 2000:personal-server.com:25 is in the form of -L local-port:host:remote-port. Finally the -N instructs OpenSSH to not execute a command on the remote system.

To kill tunnel use:

 netstat -anp | grep 8585    —–> find process ID
kill -9 process ID

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