step by step to Integrate https with ibm connections

1)  Verify where kdb and sth files are stored :

Was console: security -> SSL certificate and key management -> Key stores and certificates -> CMSKeyStore (verify path)

2) Open plugin xml and verify where store sth and kdb files  then copy from websphere path (1) .

Server Types-> Web servers > webserver1 > Plug-in properties -> Plug-in key store directory and file name
If not present:

-) Configure Ihs using ibm docs then open  Was console: servertypes / webServers / webservername -> plugin options-> copy kdb to plugin folder
-) Set default cert in kdb using ikeyman

3) Configure virtual host to use ssl :

LoadModule ibm_ssl_module modules/

<IfModule mod_ibm_ssl.c>

<VirtualHost *:443>


Keyfile "<path used in plugin>\plugin-key.kdb"
SSLStashFile "<path used in plugin>\plugin-key.sth"

LoadModule was_ap22_module /opt/ibm/Plugins/bin/64bits/
WebSpherePluginConfig /opt/ibm/Plugins/config/webserver1/Plugin-cfg.xml